What's New in Core Elements 2

Underlying each of the CE2 web engines is the Core Elements 2 framework. While each web engine has new features all its own, the Core Elements 2 framework brings several universal updates to all CE2 engines.

New UI

The Turning Gate's web engines are known to offer a plethora of options. For CE2, the user-interface has been reorganized to present the engines' myriad controls in a more intuitive way. Making use of negative space, helpful descriptions and more logical control groupings, Core Elements 2 is easier to navigate than any previous version.

Responsive Design

Mobile web-browsing has exploded, and viewers now come to websites on a wider range of devices than ever before in the history of the Internet. These trends have given birth to a new design methodology, Responsive Design. Responsive websites strive to be as adaptable, as flexible as possible, to ensure a good viewing experience regardless of the device on which your site is being viewed. The Core Elements 2 is built from the ground up with responsive design at its heart.

Beautiful Typography

Core Elements 2 puts new emphasis on beautiful typography. Type may be formatted using either Markdown or HTML, and is supported by a computational typographic styling engine, built upon well researched, classical typographic standards, that ensures the best possible on-screen reading experience for your design.

Improved CSS3 Support

Browser support for CSS3 is on the rise, and CE2 offers improved styling options for modern browsers, including support for multiple page backgrounds, drop-shadows, border-radius (rounded corners), and linear gradients.

Three New Mastheads

Site mastheads come in three styles:

  • Nuovo is similar to Traditional, but with background-image support for the masthead.
  • Retro hearkens back to the earliest TTG web engines, allowing custom titles to appear in the masthead.
  • Traditional is an improved version of the masthead seen in the previous Core Elements framework. We might have named it Classic, 'cause that's what it is.

Navigation Improvements

Navigation is arguably the most important aspect of any site design, and CE2 nails it. Not only is it easier than ever to setup links between component engines, but navigation now comes in two distinct styles: Traditional and Drop-down, with drop-down menus styled within the engine, and configurable via the PHPlugins extensibility feature. Further, navigation menus have been expanded to 10 items, and may be infinitely expanded by adding HTML-coded menu items or via PHPlugins.

Improved Facebook Integration

Our implementation of Facebook's Open Graph Protocol has been completely redesigned and is easier to implement than ever. Just supply your Facebook ID number, and the rest is automatic, making your pages ready to be shared, liked or linked from any Facebook profile.

PHPlugins Extensibility Features

Previous versions' PHP Hooks have been remastered and restyled as PHPlugins. PHPlugins are better organized, with a greater number of hook locations in published content and more strategic placement of hooks. With PHPlugins, your pages and galleries are more extensible than ever before.