Use WordPress' Custom Menu

By default, TTG CE2 Theme for WordPress will use the standard TTG menu configured from within Lightroom or, optionally, via PHPlugins. This ensures that the navigation menu on your blog will match with the navigation menu on your pages and galleries external to the blog.

For those who with to manage their menu from within WordPress, however, the option is available. When planning to use the WordPress menu, you will need to select the Drop-down menu type from within Lightroom:

Menu Type: Drop-down

After exporting and installing your theme into WordPress, you may then access Appearance > Menus from the WordPress Dashboard:

WordPress, Appearance > Menus

Under the '+' tab, enter a Menu Name for your new menu, then press the Create Menu button:

Create Main Nav

TTG CE2 Theme for WordPress supports only one location for custom menus 1) In the Theme Locations box, set TTG Site Navigation to use the new menu you just created; press Save:

Theme Locations

You have now replaced the standard TTG navigation menu with the WordPress navigation menu. Use the Custom Links, Categories and Pages boxes to add items to your menu. You may drag-and-drop created menu items to reorder them or to organize them into drop-menus.

For further information on how to manage your menu, see WordPress documentation on Menus.

Add Custom Menus via Widgets

You may create additional custom menus to use in the sidebar or footer via widgets. Create a new menu in the same way as above, then go to Appearance > Widgets.

Drag the Custom Menu widget into your sidebar or footer, then assign one of your menus for the widget to use:

Custom Menu Widget

1) You can create additional menus via widgets, though.