TTG PostcardViewer

TTG PostcardViewer is a simple Flash-based image gallery from Airtight Interactive. TTG PostcardViewer allows users to create fully customizable PostcardViewer galleries from within the Adobe Lightroom Web module.

In addition to the options found in Adobe’s Airtight Postcardviewer gallery distributed with Lightroom, TTG Postcardviewer Gallery features the following options:

Page Title
Up-to-date with the latest version of Postcardviewer, Postcardviewer 1.2, including captions and right-click menu option

TTG Postcardviewer is a free download.

System Requirements

Requires Lightroom 2.


By installing any purchased or downloaded web engine, plugin or template from The Turning Gate (TTG), You, the user, agree to the End User License Agreement. Make a point to read this document, as it contains important information regarding your purchase and your rights as a user, for which you are responsible.

Read the web engine installation instructions.


v1.41 (2009-01-23)

Background color now displays in LR preview.

v1.4 (2008-04-17)

Updated to the new PostcardViewer 1.2.
Added support for captions and opening images via right-click menu.
HTML-based version of gallery dropped; if you want a header, use with TTG Stage instead.

v1.3 (2007-07-24)

TTG PostcardViewer Gallery BASIC has been superseded by TTG PostcardViewer Gallery FLASH, a Flash-based version of the template based on the recent Airtight PostcardViewer gallery released by Adobe, but with some improvements. The TTG version allows users to enable Watermarks, inserts the Page Title into the title of the exported gallery and makes a few other tweaks. This new Flash-based version should also preview within the Web module in LR for Windows.
Cleaned up the code in the HTML version of the template.

v1.2 (2007-05-28)

Archive now contains Standard and Basic versions of the gallery.

v1.1 (2007-05-23)

Reorganized the options panes to establish consistency amongst my galleries.

v1.0 (2007-05-14)

Initial release.