TTG Client Response Gallery CE

TTG Client Response Gallery CE exists to facilitate the exchange of information between photographers and their clients.

The gallery employs a Form-to-Email PHP script to collect data from clients, including image selections, image ratings, individual image comments and more. The gallery employs HighSlide JS to allow side-by-side large-size image previews without disrupting form input, and (optionally) also allows clients to download a copy of each image to their own machine. The gallery’s features include:

  • Form-to-Email powered delivery for client feedback, using‘s popular and powerful PHP script.
  • Highslide-driven large image previews and response features.
  • Password protect image galleries.
  • View multiple large images at once for side-by-side comparison.
  • Receive client image selects via email.
  • Keeps count of image selects in realtime, and offers flexible features for refining selections.
  • Automatic detection of color labeling from the Library module.
  • Optional download of hi-res image renditions.
  • Every element can be toggled on/off.
  • Individual comment areas for each image.
  • Client assignable ratings.
  • Custom checkbox arrays.
  • Gallery indexing supported by TTG Pages and TTG Auto Index CE.
  • Features robust visual customization options as a part of The Turning Gate’s Core Elements series of releases.
  • Supports extensive user customization via PHP Hooks.

System Requirements

TTG Client Response Gallery CE requires Lightroom 2.7 or higher, and a web server running PHP 5.2.6 or greater; we recommend hosts running the Linux operating system and Apache web server.

Highslide JS Licensing

TTG Client Response Gallery CE relies heavily upon Torstein Hønsi’s Highslide JS. Highslide is free for noncommercial use, but requires licensing for commercial use. TTG Client Response Gallery CE is fully functional with or without a license, but we encourage you to do the right thing by honoring Highslide’s licensing terms and supporting Hønsi’s excellent work. Please read the HighSlide licensing information before using TTG Client Response Gallery CE.

If you have previously purchased a Highslide license for another TTG gallery — TTG Highslide Gallery, TTG Highslide Gallery Pro, etc. — you’re already covered.

Hosting Requirements

Exported content should be published to the web, and requires a domain and web hosting. Galleries published as HTML should run in all environments, though select features (password protection, Facebook integration, PHPlugins, etc.) require a web server running PHP 5.2.6 or greater.

We recommend hosts running Linux OS and Apache web server. Need hosting?


By installing any purchased or downloaded web engine, plugin or template from The Turning Gate (TTG), You, the user, agree to the End User License Agreement. Make a point to read this document, as it contains important information regarding your purchase and your rights as a user, for which you are responsible.

Read the web engine installation instructions.

Basic Setup

The most important aspect of configuring your client response gallery is ensuring that your client’s response is properly received. To do this, the Form-to-Email script needs your email address. Enter your address into the Appearance control pane, Form-to-Email Settings shown here:

Form-to-Email Setup

Isolating Selections in Lightroom

The photographer will receive the file names of selected images as a comma-separated list in their email. Photographers using good file name conventions may then easily isolate the selected images in their Lightroom catalogs. In the Library module, access the Library Filter bar. Setup your Text filter for “Text | Filename | Contains”, then copy and paste the list of file names from the email into the text field, as pictured below.

Paste image file names into the Library filter to isolate the images in your library.

The selected images will be isolated in the grid, allowing you to mark them using ratings, colors or flags, or to save them as a collection for processing.

Gallery Features

TTG Client Response Gallery CE has a lot of cool features. Here are some of the highlights, on YouTube:

Selection Counter and “Lights Out” Mode

Selection counter w/ "Lights-out" mode icons

The selection counter keeps a live count of the number of images selected, while the new “Lights-out” mode — activated using the lightbulb icons — makes it easy to refine your selects for submission. The first lightbulb — Lights ON — icon makes all images visible. The second — Lights LOW — dims unselected images, allowing your selects to stand out. And the third — Lights OFF — hides unselected images altogether, so that only selects are visible. Lights LOW and Lights OFF may be used consecutively to narrow selects down to a final group.

The fourth icon, the envelope, jumps the page down to the submission form at the bottom of the gallery.

Download Images

Download high-resolution image files.

Export high-resolution JPGs from your Library and include them in your gallery for your clients to download. Just tell the engine the name of the folder containing your high-res images, then copy that folder into your gallery folder after export.

When exporting your high-res images, be sure to use good file name conventions .

Advanced Feedback via Response Panes

 Accept comments and custom instructions from clients.

The Client Response Gallery’s unique response panes allow you to accept comments, ratings and up to 14 custom check-box options from clients. As with selections, each option is delivered as a comma separated list of chosen file names, allowing images to be easily isolated and saved to a collection using Lightroom’s text filter.

These features may be enabled/disabled individually. Don’t need ratings? Then you can turn them off.

Slideshow Toolbar

The Slideshow Toolbar

The new toolbar allows easy access to gallery features from the large image view. From top-to-bottom, the icons shown above allow you to Close the image, Locate the image in the thumbnail grid, copy the image permalink, download the image, or resize the image on-screen.

The new Locate Image feature is really cool. Clicking this icon will close the large image and instantly scroll the thumbnail page to the image’s thumbnail, making it easy to make an image selection or access Google Maps, even when browsing images in slideshow mode.

Support for PHP Hooks

TTG Client Response Gallery CE supports the Core Elements “PHP Hooks” extensibility features. The G_STYLE identifier for TTG Client Response Gallery CE galleries is CRG-CE.

On the Technical Limitations of Publishing Web Content

When publishing for the Web, one must acknowledge the limitations of the medium. In the past, CRG users have gotten into the bad habit of publishing galleries in excess of 1,000 images: a practice which not only fails to acknowledge these limitations, but which defies responsible publishing.

In developing TTG Client Response Gallery CE, I have taken care to ensure that published galleries — even large galleries — run as well as they possibly can. However, there is simply no way to prevent an overlarge gallery from red-lining a client-side browser. It remains the responsibility of the publisher to limit web galleries to a reasonable size, understanding that:

  • Javascript consumes system memory, and all systems have finite memory.
  • Web-browsers impose limitations on the amount of Javascript they will run before throwing long-running script warnings.
  • Removing Javascript from the equation, overlarge galleries will still run slowly in a web-browser.
  • Clients may become impatient waiting for large galleries to load, especially over slower Internet connections, such as when browsing on a mobile device, or when tethering a notebook to a mobile device’s Internet connection (which is now becoming a common practice).
  • TTG Client Response Gallery CE will export a maximum 1,000 images; we advise not approaching this limit. The best way to handle overlarge galleries is to divide your images into several smaller collections, and to publish these collections as separate galleries. You can use TTG Auto Index CE to group these galleries together for the client’s convenience.

Several features, outlined below, suffer limitations:

“Lights-Out” Select Refinement – This feature allows users to dim or hide unselected images, so that images selected may be easily reviewed; will become unavailable in galleries exceeding 250 images.

Check-box Replacement – This feature replaces browser check-boxes with nifty images; will become unavailable in galleries exceeding 250 images.

Tooltips – This feature replaces browser tooltips with Javascript tooltips which are nicer looking, more responsive to mouse input, and which may be visually customized; will become unavailable in galleries exceeding 250 images.

Save/Restore Selects – This feature allows users to save their image selections, and to restore them in a later session; this feature is only available when all of the following conditions are true: gallery may not exceed 250 images, Response Panes are disabled, and Check-box Replacement is disabled. For more information on this feature, see the v3.0.4 update news item.