TTG CE2 Theme for WordPress Changelog

v1.1.5 ( 2014-02-18 )

  • Fixed G_STYLE identifier error that preventing the WordPress theme being targeted correctly using PHPlugins.

v1.1.4 ( 2012-03-28 )

  • Bug fixes to masthead.

v1.1.3 ( 2012-03-26 )

  • Bug fixes to masthead.

v1.1.2 ( 2012-03-23 )

  • Border-radius (rounded corners) now previews in LR4.
  • Changed “No Comments” to “Leave a Comment”; it's a little more positive sounding.
  • Added option to remove menu dividers in drop-down menu.
  • Moved currentPageURL(), currentPageLocation(), currentPageName() PHP functions into main source, exposing them for generic use; previously only available when enabling Facebook OPG integration.
  • Navigation font-style, font-weight, text-decoration and text-transform settings now properly apply to drop-down style menus.

v1.1.1 ( 2012-01-12 )

  • Added new 'Marker Felt' font-stack to font-family choices.
  • Live_update fix for LR4.

v1.1.0 ( 2012-01-09 )

  • Featured post implementation completely rewritten.
  • Loop rewritten.
  • Theme now automatically creates “Featured” post category.
  • New Archives page layout.
  • New Search results page layout.
  • Revised byline layout.
  • Next/Previous post navigation on single-post pages.
  • Compatibility fixes and improvements for the JetPack WordPress plugin.
  • Updated default navigation targets to use absolute paths to work with “pretty” permalinks
  • Fixed column widths when applying borders to the block.
  • Updated Lightroom preview.

v1.0.5 ( 2012-01-04 )

  • Sidebar links now honor text-decoration setting from Typography.
  • Cleaned up and standardized PHPlugins examples in all engines.
  • New background inclusions for upcoming themes.
  • Future proofing (NDA).

v1.0.4 ( 2012-01-02 )

  • Made featured image clickable in the featured article on the Home page.
  • Fixed “Read More” button on LR preview for first article.
  • Updated Documentation and Tutorials buttons linking to The Turning Gate; added Templates & Themes button.
  • Repaired Photoswipe implementation.
  • Photoswipe now differentiates between hyperlinked images linking to JPG, PNG and GIF files (launches Photoswipe), and hyperlinked images linking elsewhere (does not launch Photoswipe), allowing those links to pass through in the usual way.

v1.0.3 ( 2011-12-27 )

  • Paragraph Font-family now applies to list items in the block.
  • Changed method of position footer at bottom of page.
  • Updated WordPress theme screenshot.

v1.0.2 ( 2011-12-25 )

  • Public release.
  • Updated address hiding script for mobile browsers to use a more universal technique authored by Scott Jehl.

v1.0.1 ( 2011-12-20 )

  • Private QA release.
  • Revised PHPlugins G_STYLE identifier(s) to be more consistent with CE2 naming.

v1.0.0 ( 2011-12-12 )

  • Private QA release.