Staging a Flash Gallery

TTG CE2 Stage supports the embedding of many popular Flash galleries, including Airtight Interactive’s SimpleViewer, AutoViewer and PostcardViewer, as well as MonoSlideshow, FlashNifties, SlideShow Pro, DIMIN Slideshow and the Lightroom Flash Gallery. The advantage to staging such content is clear; consider the image below.

On the left, SimpleViewer alone. On the right, SimpleViewer staged.

On the left, SimpleViewer alone; a nondescript image gallery. On the right, SimpleViewer embedded into a page made with TTG CE2 Stage, with branding, navigation, description, footer attribution, a page layout and mobile gallery support.

To stage Flash content, go to the Appearance control pane and the Staging control group:

Staging Flash

Select “Flash Media” as your Media Presentation, then select one of the available Flash galleries. Further instructions will appear within the Lightroom preview.

Mobile Gallery Support

TTG CE2 Stage provides mobile gallery support to your Flash galleries, allowing any supported Flash gallery to be viewed on iPhones, iPads, Android and similar devices. The mobile gallery:

The mobile gallery

A few points of interest to mention.

The mobile gallery pulls captions from the image file's metadata. If you want captions to appear in the gallery then, be sure that the images have information in the Caption IPTC field when exporting your gallery.

TTG CE2 Stage creates the mobile gallery on-the-fly from images and thumbnails residing with your Flash gallery. When updating your Flash gallery with new images, the mobile gallery will update automatically. However, because the gallery is generated dynamically from your Flash gallery's image folder(s), the images will be displayed in file name order, not in the same order as specified in Lightroom's filmstrip (i.e. not in the same order as your Flash gallery).

Some Flash galleries do not include thumbnail image renditions; some galleries contain thumbnails which are too small to be used by our mobile gallery. In such cases, the gallery will utilize the large-size image renditions for thumbnailing.