Create a Product Page

When combined with TTG CE2 Cart, TTG CE2 Stage may be used to create a product page.

The cart implementation here is fundamentally different from in other TTG image galleries. Other galleries insert purchase buttons in a 1:1 relationship with images; every image in the gallery as a dedicated purchase button used to buy that image.

In TTG CE2 Stage, there is only one purchase button for the entire page. The purpose is not to sell individual images, but that the entire page and all embedded content – images, Flash gallery, video, etc. – should represent a single product.

Potential uses for a product page include selling albums, portrait sessions or any other product which might require multiple views and/or a full page of dedicated text/information.

Adding the Purchase Button

To create the purchase button for the page, insert this snippet of code anywhere into your Page Copy ( Color Palette control pane, The Block) where you want the button to appear. It may be placed above your text, below your text, or between paragraphs within your text.

<div id="purchase_button"></div>

Refresh the Lightroom preview to see your button on the page. The button's appearance may be customized using the options discussed below.

Enabling the Cart

The TTG CE2 Cart control group, located in the Output Settings control pane, allows you to enable purchasing on your page and to customize the purchase button.

Setup cart in TTG CE2 Stage.

To activate cart integration, simply enter the http:// address of the TTG CE2 Cart on your server.

You should give your sale item a name (Item Name) and specify a price profile for that item (Price Profile Name). Pricing and options are defined via the shopping cart, per usual. See TTG CE2 Cart documentation for assistance setting up a price profile.

Your purchase button's font color, background color and border color may be defined for both inactive and onhover states using the provided color controls.