Updating Albums

Albums can be updated in two ways - the setting for the album and the photos that are published.

Updating Album Settings

To update an album, double-click the album from within Publish Services. This dialogue is the same as that for creating albums, with two exceptions:

1. The slug may be edited. Publisher will check for any conflict with an existing album. Publisher sanitises the characters so that the slug is made up of only lower-case letters numbers, hyphens and underscores. Other punctuation is removed, and spaces converted to hyphens as needed. (Capitalization may be maintained by selecting 'Preserve capitalization in album slugs' in the Publisher settings).

2. The Cover Image will also include options for any photos already published to this album.

Any changes made to an album will be immediately reflected in the online album upon clicking 'Edit'. If you change the selected template to one that differs significantly in image size requirements, then you should republish the photos to maintain optimal image sizes.

Updating Published Photos

When a published photo is altered, it will move from the 'Published Photos' list to 'Modified Photos to Re-Publish'. A photo can be forced to move to this list by selecting it, right-clicking and choosing Mark To Republish.

These photos can be replaced on the server by clicking 'Publish'.

Important: The behaviour of re-publishing photos is greatly affected by the 'Push metadata without updating existing albums' setting in Publisher.

When enabled, images will be published to the server if they had not been previously published or if a rendition type is required after changing templates that did not exist for the previously used template. This means that in order for images that have been altered visually or for updating watermarks, that you will need to ensure that 'Push metadata without updating existing albums' is not set.

The value in this setting is that for changes to metadata, such as photo caption or title, or changes to the types of metadata to be displayed in a gallery, that when enabled, re-publishing is much, much faster. This is mainly due to skipping the time-consuming task of creating multiple renditions for each published photo, and also due to the time required to upload those photos to your server.

Changing the Photo Order

The photo order in a published gallery can be set with the following steps:

1. Setting the Sort to 'User Order' in the bottom pane of Lightroom Library module. Change this when viewing the published album to re-order.

2. Dragging and dropping the photos as needed within the collection. Make sure to grab the photo rather than the border around it.

The order will only come into affect after the next time photos are published from the gallery. If you have no additional photos to publish, this is best done by marking a single photo for republishing then clicking 'Publish'.

Note that user order is not available for smart albums.

Removing Published Photos

To remove photos from an album, right-click the required photos in the published collection and select 'Remove from collection'. The photos will be removed after clicking 'Publish'.