Quick Installation guide

The following is a brief guide to getting going with Publisher. For more details, including information on further options, jump to the Server-side Installation .

Setting up

  • Unzip the downloaded files.
  • Edit the file publisher/api/config.php and set a strong password
  • Copy the publisher directory over to your web site, right inside a Pages installation
  • Change the permissions for the Pages' galleries directory to 755 or 777, depending on the host
  • Export a web gallery using Highslide 4.2.0 or later, and upload to the folder publisher/templates, e.g. as a directory publisher/templates/mytemplate
  • Move TTG-CE2-Publisher.lrplugin to a location on your PC where it is safe to be kept
  • Within Lightroom, go to File‚ÜíPlug-in Manager
  • Click on Add, navigate to TTG-CE2-Publisher.lrplugin and click 'Add Plug-in'
  • Click Done
  • Double-click TTG-CE2-Publisher under the Publish Services section of the Library module
  • Set the API URL and API Key. The API URL looks like http://yoursite.com/publisher/api/. The API Key is the password as entered in config.php above.
  • Click 'Check Authentication' to check that the publisher can be found and authenticated successfully.
  • Click Save


  • Create an Album by right-clicking TTG-CE2-Publisher under Publish Services and selecting 'Create Album'
  • Complete the details and click 'Create'
  • Add photos to the album by right-clicking the album under TTG-CE2-Publisher and choosing Set As Target Selection. Add photos from your library by selecting them and typing 'B'
  • Publish the photos by clicking on the album name, then clicking 'Publish' at the top of the window.
  • After the photos are uploaded, visit the album by right-clicking the album name followed by 'Go To Published Collection'