Publishing Photos

There are a number of ways to manage the photos within a collection for publishing. The most straightforward way of adding photos is to right-click on the album listed under TTG CE2 Publisher, and select Set As Target Collection. After doing so, any photos in your library can be added by either right-clicking and selecting 'Add to Target Collection' or by using the shortcut 'B'.

To publish the photos:

1. Click on the album under TTG CE2 Publisher in the Lightroom Library module

2. Click 'Publish'.

Publisher will work through the list of images, uploading multiple renditions for each. Typically, this will consist of a large 'photo', a 'thumbnail' and a 'thumbnail-for-mobile'.

Publisher will make multiple attempts for each upload if required. If for any reason the process fails, you will only need to publish those in the collection that hadn't been uploaded in the previous attempt.

After uploading the photos, you may be directed to the uploaded gallery, depending on whether 'Show albums in browser after publishing' has been selected for the Publisher settings. The online album can also be reached by right-clicking the album under TTG CE2 Publisher and selecting Go To Published Album.