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 +{{:html_image_galleries:ttg-ce2-photoswipe.jpg?|TTG CE2 Photoswipe Gallery}}
 +====== TTG CE2 Photoswipe Gallery ======
 +TTG CE2 Photoswipe Gallery is an elegant, thumbnail-grid image gallery featuring full-screen image display, pagination, password protected galleries, shopping cart integration, and support for image sales using Fotomoto. Built on the Core Elements 2 framework, it also includes robust customization options for page layout and design, support for PHPlugins extensibility features, full mobile compatibility and more.
 +  * Elegant design
 +  * Automatic pagination
 +  * Password protected galleries
 +  * Shopping cart integration with TTG CE2 Cart
 +  * Supports image sales via Fotomoto.com
 +  * Fully customizable appearance
 +  * Mobile compatibility for iPhone, iPad and Android devices
 +  * Search engine optimized
 +  * Supports auto indexing by TTG CE2 Pages and TTG CE2 Auto Index
 +===== System Requirements =====
 +TTG CE2 Photoswipe Gallery is a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom's Web module, requiring Lightroom 3.0 or greater for both Mac and Windows operating systems.
 +===== Hosting Requirements =====
 +Exported content should be published to the web, and requires a domain and web hosting. Galleries published as HTML should run in all environments, though select features (password protection, Facebook integration, PHPlugins, etc.) require a web server running PHP 5.2.6 or greater.
 +We recommend hosts running Linux OS and Apache web server. [[ Bluehost|Need hosting?]]
 +===== Installation =====
 +By installing any purchased or downloaded web engine, plugin or template from The Turning Gate (TTG), You, the user, agree to the [[End User License Agreement]]. Make a point to read this document, as it contains important information regarding your purchase and your rights as a user, for which you are responsible.
 +[[Installation|Read the web engine installation instructions]].