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 +====== TTG CE2 Pages Lite ======
 +TTG CE2 Pages Lite is a streamlined version of TTG CE2 Pages and offers significantly faster build-times for Lightroom's Web preview, making the plugin easier to work with. Tests show speed improvements ranging from 30-50%. These speed gains are accomplished by reducing the number of available options in the gallery, reducing the amount of data that Lightroom must process when building and rebuilding its preview.
 +The followed features are unavailable in TTG CE2 Pages Lite:
 +  * Flash and Video embedding on the Services, Info, About and Contact pages.
 +  * Video embedding on the Home page.
 +  * Horizon gallery on the Home page.
 +  * 'The Block' override options on the Home page.
 +  * CSS3 background gradients on the footer, the block and the grid.
 +To utilize these features, you should use the standard version TTG CE2 Pages.
 +===== Migrating Lite-version templates to the Standard verison =====
 +It is possible to begin work using the faster Lite version, then to transfer settings to the standard, full version TTG CE2 Pages to make use of the additional features available therein. To do so, follow [[ Share Templates Between Engines | our standard procedure for sharing templates between engines]].