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Embedding Video in TTG CE2 Pages

Via the Appearance control pane “Staging” options, web video may optionally be embedded on your Home, Services, Info, About and Contact pages. Video may be embedded using any of several methods, including using JW Player, HTML5 video embedding, or videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

To setup, in the Appearance control pane locate the Staging options for the desired page. Set Media Presentation to Video, and select your desired gallery type from the Video drop-list. Specific instructions will be displayed within the LR preview.

Vimeo and YouTube video

For Vimeo and YouTube videos, you will need the ID number of the video from the either website. The LR preview explains how to obtain this ID number when you have selected either the Vimeo or YouTube video type.

JW Player

The JW Player method requires that an MP4 video file be placed into the /videos/ folder after exporting TTG CE2 Pages. You may provide other file types supported by JW Player instead, but only MP4 video files will support mobile playback on non-Flash devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

For licensing reasons, JW Player is not included in the TTG CE2 Pages download and must be provided by the user.

HTML5 Video

The most complicated method of delivering video, but also the coolest. See the article HTML5 Video for details.