Embedding Flash Galleries in TTG CE2 Pages

Via the Appearance control pane “Staging” options, Flash image galleries may optionally be embedded on your Home, Services, Info, About and Contact pages. Supported image gallery types include AutoViewer, DIMIN Slideshow, FlashNifties, Lightroom Flash Gallery, Monoslideshow, PostcartViewer, SimpleViewer, SlideshowPro for Lightroom, and images created by Slideshow Pro Director.

When any page containing an embedded Flash image gallery is viewed on a mobile phone, the Flash gallery will be replaced by the still image otherwise associated with that page, i.e. the first filmstrip image will appear on your Home page, the second image in your filmstrip will appear on the Services page, etc. TTG CE2 Pages does not offer mobile compatibility for the Flash image galleries.

To setup, in the Appearance control pane locate the Staging options for the desired page. Set Media Presentation to Flash Media, and select your desired gallery type from the Flash Presentations drop-list. Specific instructions will be displayed within the LR preview. Regardless of your choice, your Flash gallery should be produced separately using the appropriate web engine for that gallery type. Your exported Flash gallery should be merged with published TTG CE2 Pages content after export.