Creating Navigation in TTG CE2 Pages

Creating the navigation in TTG CE2 Pages varies somewhat from other engines, though we have done our best to keep it simple. When linking to other pages within the engine – Home, Galleries, Services, Info, About or Contact – one should select the target page from the Target drop-list, as shown:

Creating Navigation

Selecting the desired target from this list will ensure that TTG CE2 Pages properly handles your site navigation both within the LR preview, and when published to the web.

The default target for the Blog assumes that your blog is installed to the location If this is not the case, you may manually enter a target for the Blog hyperlink.

External links, i.e. those links targeting any page or resource not created by TTG CE2 Pages, may be written as relative or absolute URLs.

Removing Unused Links

To remove an navigation link, simply blank out the Label field.

If you do not wish to use the Info page, for example, you may remove it from navigation by deleting the Info label. In the image below, the navigation item has no label, so will not appear in the menu:

Without a label, the item will not appear in the menu.

Optionally, via the Output Settings control pane, you may prevent unused pages from exporting by disabling the associated checkbox. In the image below, the Export Info page checkbox is disabled, meaning that the info.php document will not be created on export. However, you must still remove the menu link, as described above, else the link will persist with an invalid target.

Disable pages from exporting.

Disabling the export of pages is entirely optional. Of greater importance is ensuring that all of the links in your site navigation are valid.