TTG CE2 Pages

TTG CE2 Pages creates a foundation for your photographic website, a healthy environment in which your images and image galleries may thrive. The plug-in creates six pages – Home, Galleries, Services, Info, About and Contact – and provides flexible options for layout, colors, branding, type, site navigation and support for various types of multimedia content. Whether you’re building your first photo website or your hundredth, TTG CE2 Pages is the tool you’ve been waiting for to streamline your Lightroom-to-website workflow, and to create a website you can take pride in.

The Pages

Services, Info and About are basic pages, supporting type and an image on each page, and multimedia embedding for HTML5 and Flash web video, video from YouTube or Vimeo, or Flash image galleries such as Simpleviewer, Monoslideshow and Slideshow Pro.

The Home page supports all of the basic page features, plus several options for HTML-based image galleries and slideshows. The Home page gallery provides an excellent opportunity to greet both mobile and desktop visitors with a selection of your best work.

The Contact page supports all of the basic page features, and includes an email contact form utilizing the powerful and secure FormToEmail PHP script to prevent spambots from harvesting your address.

The Galleries pages – a.k.a. the Gallery Index – is a self-populating index of your published galleries. It keeps your image galleries organized and accessible, and adding new galleries to your site is as easy as copying them to your web server, no coding necessary.

System Requirements

TTG CE2 Pages is a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom's Web module, requiring Lightroom 3.0 or greater for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Hosting Requirements

Exported content should be published to the web, and requires a domain and web hosting. Published content requires a web server running PHP 5.2.6 or greater.

We recommend hosts running Linux OS and Apache web server. Need hosting?


By installing any purchased or downloaded web engine, plugin or template from The Turning Gate (TTG), You, the user, agree to the End User License Agreement. Make a point to read this document, as it contains important information regarding your purchase and your rights as a user, for which you are responsible.

Read the web engine installation instructions.


“With TTG Pages I was able to easily build the foundation for my site as well as the javascript based slideshow on the home page [ … ] My life just got a little simpler thanks to The Turning Gate!”
Terry White, photographer and Worldwide Creative Suite Design Evangelist for Adobe Systems, Inc.

“If you are a Lightroom user and wish to have an on-line presence then TTG Pages CE is the product you need to create your website.”
David Dalziel , photographer

“TTG Pages is the front door to getting your photos online! If you want a professional looking website that tightly integrates with Lightroom [ … ] this the place to start. Matthew's suite of Lightroom Web module plug-ins lets you get up and online in a matter of hours!”
John Bishop , photographer

Image Galleries?

Apart from the Home page gallery options, TTG CE2 Pages does not create image galleries. TTG CE2 Pagesis intended as a companion to other TTG web engines, its purpose being to create the webpages which comprise the foundation of the website.

For the creation of image galleries, The Turning Gate offers a variety of web engines already compatible with the gallery index. For a complete review of your options, please visit the shop or look elsewhere in this wiki.

Options are also available for Flash Photo Galleries, which may be embedded into your Home, Services, Info, About or Contact pages, or which may be used with TTG Stage to create image galleries for your gallery index. Many of these Flash galleries may be downloaded for free from the shop.

Finally, if it’s e-commerce you want, please consider combining one of our cart-enabled image galleries with our shopping cart system, TTG CE2 Cart.