TTG CE2 Horizon Changelog

v3.2.1 ( 2014-02-18 )

v3.2.0 ( 2013-02-06 )

  • Added support for TTG CE2 Publisher.
  • Google Maps: added Map Type option.
  • Google Maps: fixed Map Zoom slider.
  • Google Maps: disabled 'iwloc' option in maps URL.
  • Rejiggered OGP integration.

v3.1.3 ( 2012-04-19 )

  • Duped hyperlink color pickers from e-commerce options into Gallery Captions and Google Maps control groups for more intuitive access to hyperlink color controls.
  • Added Padding-top slider to Gallery Image control group; intended use is to compensate for drop-shadows being cutoff above the image.
  • Engine no longer creates tablet.html/php file; tablets now use the some mobile gallery as smaller devices.
  • On tablet, mobile gallery now displays 8 images per row instead of 5.
  • Added Google Maps support to mobile gallery.
  • Download no longer prefixes hyperlinks with './', which should make HTML downloads more friendly for absolute URLs.
  • Clicking the Download Image button using the HTML download method now launches the image in a new window.
  • Have rewritten conditional styles for vertical gallery layout on small-display devices.

v3.1.2 ( 2012-03-28 )

  • Bug fixes for Facebook OGP vs. mobile gallery.
  • Bug fixes to masthead.

v3.1.1 ( 2012-03-26 )

  • Bug fixes to masthead.
  • Bug fixes to forms.
  • Critical bug fix to Facebook OPG integration.

v3.1.0 ( 2012-03-23 )

  • Added Google Maps support.
  • Added option to download image files.
  • Added option to remove menu dividers in drop-down menu.
  • Moved currentPageURL(), currentPageLocation(), currentPageName() PHP functions into main source, exposing them for generic use; previously only available when enabling Facebook OPG integration.
  • Mobile gallery now uses large rendition images.
  • Redesigned login form for password-protected galleries; new design slightly more streamlined, more responsive, and meant to better address CSS3 compatibility shortcomings in the Lightroom 4 APE web-browser.
  • Navigation font-style, font-weight, text-decoration and text-transform settings now properly apply to drop-down style menus.

v3.0.8 ( 2012-01-30 )

  • Added 'Padding-bottom' slider to footer to match TTG CE2 Theme for WordPress UI.
  • Border-radius (rounded corners) now previews in LR4.

v3.0.7 ( 2012-01-12 )

  • Added new 'Marker Felt' font-stack to font-family choices.
  • Mobile gallery now correctly displays navigation tabs on password protected galleries' login screen when the grid, the block or the nav are disabled.
  • New handling of still images in the block for all engines to better address IE8's quirks.
  • Live_update fix for LR4.

v3.0.6 ( 2012-01-04 )

  • Fixed style breaking when Pagination container is set to 'fixed' width.
  • Updated PHPlugins for mobile galleries.
  • Cleaned up and standardized PHPlugins examples in all engines.
  • Corrected menu hyperlink color in mobile gallery.
  • New background inclusions for upcoming themes.
  • Future proofing (NDA).

v3.0.5 ( 2012-01-02 )

  • Updated Documentation and Tutorials buttons linking to The Turning Gate; added Templates & Themes button.
  • Added 5px padding to top and bottom of mobile masthead to give identity plates some breathing room.
  • Gallery now creates a separate tablet.html file for iPads, which references large-size images for display. Otherwise identical to mobile.html for smaller devices.

v3.0.4 ( 2011-12-29 )

  • Fixed purchase label always reading “Buy Print” for TTG CE2 Cart integration.
  • Hyperlinks in Pagination bar now honor text-decoration as set via Typography options.

v3.0.3 ( 2011-12-27 )

  • Paragraph Font-family now applies to list items in the block.
  • Changed method of position footer at bottom of page.

v3.0.2 ( 2011-12-25 )

  • Public release.
  • Changed handling of <title>; Page Title and Album Title now combined.
  • Album Description has been merged with Meta Description; description also used as Facebook description.
  • Updated address hiding script for mobile browsers to use a more universal technique authored by Scott Jehl.

v3.0.1 ( 2011-12-20 )

  • Private QA release.
  • Styling improvements for vertical layout.
  • Fixed Password Protection border-radius controls.
  • Revised PHPlugins G_STYLE identifier(s) to be more consistent with CE2 naming.

v3.0.0 ( 2011-12-12 )

  • Private QA release.