TTG CE2 Highslide Gallery Changelog

v4.2.7 ( 2014-02-18 )

v4.2.6 ( 2013-02-06 )

  • Fixed autoplay for publisher templates (for real this time).
  • Fixed downloads of manually supplied files for publisher templates.

v4.2.5 ( 2013-01-28 )

  • Some internal cleanup.
  • Fixed autoplay for publisher templates.
  • Fixed bug with current page color.

v4.2.4 ( 2013-01-06 )

  • Fixed a bug when both OGP integration and password protection are enabled.
  • Publisher: Map Zoom value is now passed to publisher template.
  • Publisher: Updated handling of $cellnumber.

v4.2.3 ( 2012-12-23 )

  • Empty captions and headings no longer display “Array”.

v4.2.2 ( 2012-12-21 )

  • When pagination is enabled, the current page number is no longer hyperlinked.
  • Fixed bug in page number padding.
  • Publisher: Support for image Headings and Captions.
  • Publisher: Support for Color Labels.
  • Publisher: Support for image Downloading.
  • Publisher: Support for Metadata Plates / Cell Numbers on the thumbnail grid.
  • Publisher: Support for per-item pricing from metadata.
  • Publisher: Guest user and password can now be set from within the publisher for each gallery (i.e. login and password no longer dependent upon the template).
  • Publisher: Fixed support for permalinks.

v4.2.1 ( 2012-11-25 )

  • Publisher templates:
    • If the block has no content, the block will not appear on the page at all (no empty block).
    • Pagination interface now honors position (above/below) as set in the Web module.

v4.2.0 ( 2012-11-20 )

  • Preliminary support for the publish services plugin.
  • Mobile gallery: Hyperlinks in login box now honor colors set in Typography options.
  • Mobile gallery: Fixed thumbnail scaling issue on iPhone 5.

v4.1.9 ( 2012-08-23 )

  • Improved Fotomoto integration. All images now checkin with Fotomoto on page load, rather than when loaded individually. This will make is easier for users adding new galleries, then needing to manage pricing and collections in their Fotomoto account.
  • Portugese language option for Highslide localization, courtesy of Clicio Barroso Filho.
  • Hyperlinks in login box now honor colors set in Typography options.
  • New default height for large images is 640px.

v4.1.8 ( 2012-06-06 )

  • Fixed bug relating to Google Maps implementation; reference.
  • Google Maps: added Map Type option.
  • Google Maps: fixed Map Zoom slider.
  • Google Maps: disabled 'iwloc' option in maps URL.

v4.1.7 ( 2012-04-20 )

  • Fixed border-radius “Advanced Sliders” for password login box.
  • Download no longer prefixes hyperlinks with './', which should make HTML downloads more friendly for absolute URLs.
  • Clicking the Download Image button using the HTML download method now launches the image in a new window.
  • Added option whether to use the mobile or desktop gallery on iPad.
  • Improved Highslide be