TTG CE2 Client Response Gallery Setup

TTG CE2 Client Response Gallery offers many options, the most important of which is the Form-to-Email setup. In order to receive messages from the gallery, you must supply a valid email address at which to receive messages.

To setup your email address, look to the Appearance control pane and scroll down to find the Form-to-Email Settings, pictured below.

Form-to-Email Setup

If you wish, you may specify multiple email addresses. Email addresses should be separated by commas, without spaces. For example:,,

TTG CE2 Client Response Gallery Usage

TTG CE2 Client Response Gallery has many features. Here we highlight and explain how to use some of those features.

Locate Selected Image in Lightroom

The photographer will receive the file names of selected images as a comma-separated list in their email. Photographers using good file name conventions may then easily isolate the selected images in their Lightroom catalogs. In the Library module, access the Library Filter bar. Setup your Text filter for “Text | Filename | Contains”, then copy and paste the list of file names from the email into the text field, as pictured below.

Paste image file names into the Library filter to isolate the images in your library.

The selected images will be isolated in the grid, allowing you to mark them using ratings, colors or flags, or to save them as a collection for processing.

Select Counter and "Lights Out" Refinement Features

Select Counter and Lights Out Features

The selection counter keeps a live count of the number of images selected, while the “Lights-out” features — activated using the lightbulb icons — makes it easy to refine your selects for submission. The first lightbulb — Lights ON — icon makes all images visible. The second — Lights LOW — dims unselected images, allowing your selects to stand out. And the third — Lights OFF — hides unselected images altogether, so that only selects are visible. Lights LOW and Lights OFF may be used consecutively to narrow selects down to a final group.

Due to web-browser memory limitations, the “Lights-out” features are only available for galleries containing a maximum 250 images.

The fourth icon, the envelope, jumps the page down to the submission form at the bottom of the gallery.

Download Images

Download Images

Optionally, you may allow client to download high-resolution image renditions from your gallery. You will find these options located in the Appearance control pane.

Export high-resolution JPG or TIF files from your Library into a folder on your desktop. Give the folder any name you like, but use no spaces or punctuation (hyphens or underscores are okay). In the Web module, enter the folder name into the “Hi-Res Image Folder Name” field to enable the image download features.

Select either the JPG or TIF File Type for your images.

For Download Method, select either PHP or HTML. The PHP method will force download of the image file when the download icon is clicked; the HTML method will load the image file in a new browser window from which it may be saved.

After exporting your image gallery, copy the high-resolution image folder inside of your gallery folder.

When exporting your high-res images, be sure to use good file name conventions .

Advanced Feedback via Response Options

Response Options

The Client Response Gallery’s unique response options allow you to accept comments, ratings and up to 14 custom check-box options from clients. As with selections, each option is delivered as a comma separated list of chosen file names, allowing images to be easily isolated and saved to a collection using Lightroom’s text filter.

These features may be enabled/disabled individually. Don’t need ratings? Then you can turn them off.

Play Video from Vimeo

Vimeo videos in gallery

More and more, photographers are supplying both still and motion capture services to their clients. TTG CE2 Client Response Gallery allows you to include Vimeo video clips within your galleries.

To explain setup, let's say you are creating a gallery that contains 4 images and 1 video. To accomplish this, you will select 5 images from your library. That's the 4 images you wish to display as images, and a fifth image that will represent your video.

To use this feature, first upload your video clips to, and visit the page for your uploaded video. A typical Vimeo web address for a video will look like this:

What we want from this is just the video ID number, in this example 8191082. This video ID should be pasted into the Description Writer IPTC field in your library for the image that will be used to represent your video:

Fill in your Vimeo video ID in the Description Writer IPTC field.

For the other 4 images, the Description Writer IPTC field should be EMPTY. These are the rules:

  • If Description Writer IPTC field is empty, the gallery will post the image in the usual way – as an image.
  • If the Description Writer IPTC field is NOT empty, the gallery will attempt to replace the object with a Vimeo video.
  • The content of the Description Writer IPTC field should be the unique, numerical ID of a video hosted on Vimeo. You may extract this ID from the URL of any video on Vimeo.
  • The image thumbnail will be used to represent the video in the gallery. The Heading and Caption will be displayed with the video as normal. Instead of a large image, the Vimeo video will be displayed when the thumbnail is clicked. This is for published galleries only; within the Lightroom preview, the video will display only the large image.
  • You may replace as many images in the gallery as you like. Just supply a Vimeo ID for each image you want to attach to a video.
  • Videos will not be displayed in the mobile gallery. The thumbnail will simply not be included in the gallery.
  • A play button will overlay any thumbnail in your gallery which links to a video, providing a visual indicator of thumbnails which are videos.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FEATURE FOR CREATING VIDEO GALLERIES, namely due to the fact that mobile galleries do not display the videos. If you wish to create a video gallery, you should use TTG CE2 Auto Index and TTG CE2 Stage.

Mobile Gallery

TTG CE2 Client Response Gallery on iPhone

TTG CE2 Client Response Gallery includes a mobile gallery for iPhones, Android devices and other modern mobile devices. Image selections may be made and mailed from the mobile gallery. However, the mobile gallery does not display videos, and does not support the Response Options.

On the iPad

TTG CE2 Client Response Gallery on iPad

On the iPad, the gallery will display in the same manner and with all the same features as the desktop version of the gallery. There are some minor differences in the Highslide implementation to better accommodate navigation on the touch screen.