TTG CE2 Client Response Gallery Changelog

v4.1.1 ( 2014-02-18 )

  • Gallery-Title in email now reports correctly for Publisher albums.

v4.1.0 ( 2013-02-06 )

  • Fixed autoplay for publisher templates (for real this time).
  • Fixed downloads of manually supplied files for publisher templates.

v4.1.0 ( release candidate - 2013-01-30 )

  • Publisher support.
  • Script now sends selection email to both receiving address and client address.
  • Fixed syntax error in cart listening script that could cause the HTML form shim to fail.
  • In an attempt to avoid confusion, the “isVideo” option is now disabled by default in the Image Info pane.

v4.0.5 ( 2012-12-18 )

  • Added shim for HTML5 form compliance by noncompliant browsers.
  • Added PHPlugins hooks ttg_form_action and ttg_form_fields, exclusive to TTG CE2 Client Response Gallery. See documentation.
  • Added 'From' address to setup; may help in cases where emails are not being received due to mail server security. Should be an address, where is the same as your site domain.
  • Email received from gallery now includes gallery URL; this added instead of filling a request for setting email subject as gallery title, which introduces complications.
  • Google Maps: added Map Type option.
  • Google Maps: fixed Map Zoom slider.
  • Google Maps: disabled 'iwloc' option in maps URL.
  • Exported image metadata now defaults to 'all'.
  • Portugese language option for Highslide localization, courtesy of Clicio Barroso Filho.

v4.0.4 ( 2012-05-30 )

  • Fixed bug preventing checkboxes and comments being stored when closing image feedback pop-up.
  • Fixed bug relating to Google Maps implementation.

v4.0.3 ( 2012-05-28 )

  • Created a 'slideshowGroup' for client response feedback panels to better sequester them.
  • Added video to 'slideshowGroup: images', so that video will now participate in next/previous navigation when viewing images.
  • Solved thumbnail issue when adding video to 'slideshowGroup: images'.
  • Added next, previous and close buttons to images and video in Comparative display mode.
  • If image downloads are enabled, download button will no longer appear on video thumbnails.

v4.0.2 ( 2012-04-16 )

  • Minor bug fix.

v4.0.1 ( 2012-04-14 )

  • Added 'required' attribute to Name and Email form inputs.
  • Added width and height sliders for Vimeo video.
  • Added Google Maps support to mobile gallery.

v4.0.0 ( 2012-04-7 )

  • Initial public release.