Upgrading to a Newer Cart Version

If you’re already running a version of TTG Cart CE or TTG CE2 Cart, and need to upgrade to a newer version — for example, if you were to upgrade from TTG Cart CE 1.0.3 to version 1.1.0 — these are the steps you should follow:

  • Make a copy of your installed cart’s /config/ folder before exporting a new cart.
  • Install the new plugin to Lightroom and configure your options. A previously saved template should carry over the settings, except for settings pertaining to the new features. If you have manually changed settings directly in settings.php then you’ll want to set these accordingly in Lightroom.
  • Export the new cart.
  • Manually copy any files you have previously changed or added in the lang and pricing directories to the newly created config directory. If you have previously changed the ‘Additional Fields’ or ‘Check-boxes’ sections of settings.php then you’ll also want to copy that section to the new settings.php.
  • Previously exported galleries should work flawlessly with a newly-generated cart. That’s the idea behind separating the cart from the galleries.