TTG CE2 Cart - Important Files & Folders

At this point, let’s take a moment to explore our /cart/ contents using an FTP client. There are several important files and folders worth taking note of.


By targeting this folder in your browser,, you may login to the cart admin interface to run diagnostics. Helpful when troubleshooting your cart.


This folder contains several important items, detailed below.


This folder contains the cart’s language files. When localizing the cart into a language other than English, you will want to create a language profile here. Use the included en_US.txt file as a template for your own localization.


This folder contains your price profiles, which define pricing for all of your products. We will discuss price profiles in greater detail separately.


This file contains the configuration setup from Lightroom. You may edit this file manually to adjust your cart configuration, and to customize the fields on the transactionless checkout page. The file is well-documented and should be easy to modify.