TTG CE2 Cart Configuration

Options for cart configuration are located in the Appearance control pane, and encompass such things as your company details, setup of pricing, shipping and sales tax, email setup and other administrative settings. It is very important that your cart be properly setup, so each option is captioned with information to help guide you through the configuration.

After exporting your cart, your settings will live in the file /cart/config/settings.php, and may be edited at any time using a text-editor. You may find it easier to make changes to this file — for example, when changing your cart from ‘demo’ mode to ‘live’ — than to re-export the entire cart from Lightroom. Nonetheless, we strongly recommend that you save a template of your configuration using the Web module’s Template Browser and try to keep that template up-to-date with changes; you will find this helpful later on when updating your shopping cart with new version releases.

The cart configuration is divided into subsections as follows:

COMPANY DETAILS – for setting your company name, URL and email address for use within the cart.

PRICING SETUP – for setting sales tax, flat rate shipping, price display formats and currency.

CHECKOUT SETUP – for enabling and setup of checkout methods, including checkout without online payment (“transactionless”), and checkout using PayPal.

SAVING ORDERS – for specifying a location where backup copies of orders will be saved to your web server. This is required for all checkout methods involving online payment, and serves as a fallback record of orders should the email record not be received.

EMAIL SETUP – allows the cart to email orders to the customer and vendor using either PHP mail, or the more reliable SMTP method. You may use any SMTP server for which you have user credentials, and Gmail SMTP is supported.

MISCELLANEOUS SETUP – for setting admin access to the cart, running the cart in Demo mode for testing, and other options.

TEXT SETUP – for rewriting email messages sent by the cart, or localizing message into your native language.

EXTRA FIELDS – allows you to customize the text fields appearing on the checkout page for transactionless checkout. Cannot be configured from within Lightroom; requires editing the settings.php file after export.

CHECK-BOXES – allows you to customize optional or mandatory check-box items on the checkout page, and to provide related information via modal pop-ups. An example might be to force customers to agree to terms and conditions of purchase, and to display those terms, before being allowed to check out; requires editing the settings.php file after export.

DISCOUNTS – allows the configuration of discount bands, such as 10% off for orders of $100 or more, and discount codes which may be entered by a customer before checkout. Discount codes may also be assigned an expiry date. Requires editing the settings.php file after export.