TTG CE2 Cart

TTG CE2 Cart is a shopping cart system for Adobe Lightroom.

Until now there have been several options for Lightroom-based shopping cart galleries, but TTG CE2 Cart is the first Lightroom-based shopping cart system. Used together with a supported TTG image gallery, TTG CE2 Cart makes it easy to sell images and other goods from your website, using a cart that is visually cohesive with your site design, and easy to manage and maintain.

The cart optionally supports online transactions via Paypal, and/or allows orders to be submitted without payment for those preferring to collect on delivery. Salable items may be setup with any number of additional purchase options, and orders are sent to your email and may be saved to your server as a backup.

In use, visitors begin with an image gallery and click the Buy button on any image they wish to purchase:

 Click "Buy" on any image.

The buyer is then presented with purchase options in a modal window. These options are defined by the photographer. After selecting their desired purchase options, the item may be added to the cart:

 Select purchase options and Add to Cart.

When the buyer is finished shopping, they may review their shopping cart, modify their choices, then check out:

 Confirm your order and checkout.


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