TTG CE2 Auto Index

TTG CE2 Auto Index creates a self-populating table of contents of your image galleries, a gallery index. You upload a gallery, the index adds an entry automatically. Organizing your image galleries, and keeping your website up-to-date with your latest image collections could not be easier.

The only product of its kind, TTG CE2 Auto Index is a must-have web engine for any photographer using Lightroom to create web photo galleries. Whether you produce a single index or many, flexible layouts, extensive customization options and unprecedented extensibility features ensure a wealth of creative possibilities for your websites.

TTG CE2 Auto Index

TTG Auto Index CE …

  • creates self-populating gallery indexes of supported image galleries, without having to edit code.
  • works with all TTG image galleries out-of-the-box; will support any type of image gallery or folder-contained content when used with TTG XML Maker, or a manually created autoindex.xml file.
  • includes three flexible layout choices: Descriptive, Iconic and Iconic Entitled.
  • works seamlessly with TTG CE2 Pages or nested as a sub-index within another TTG CE2 Auto Index folder.
  • features robust visual customization options as a part of The Turning Gate’s Core Elements 2 series of releases.
  • supports extensive user customization via PHPlugins.

Note: This is the standalone version of TTG CE2 Auto Index. TTG CE2 Pages already incorporates its own auto index. If you are using TTG CE2 Pages, and only need one gallery index, it is unnecessary to purchase this standalone version. However, if you are using TTG CE2 Pages and would like to create multiple indexes, or nested sub-indexes to better organize your image galleries, then TTG CE2 Auto Index can help.

System Requirements

TTG CE2 Auto Index is a plug-in for Adobe Lightroom's Web module, requiring Lightroom 3.0 or greater for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Hosting Requirements

Exported content should be published to the web, and requires a domain and web hosting. Published content requires a web server running PHP 5.2.6 or greater.

We recommend hosts running Linux OS and Apache web server. Need hosting?


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