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Reloading Lightroom's Preview

Core Elements 2 engines support manual reload of the page preview, meaning that to see changes made to configuration options, users must trigger a reload of the preview manually. Lightroom will not do it for you. There are several ways to accomplish this.

Go through the menu

You may instigate a page reload by selecting “Reload” from the Web menu:

Web, Reload

Use the keyboard shortcut

On LR/Mac, press CMD-R to incite a reload.

On LR/Win, press CTRL-R to force reload.


Lightroom 3.x for Windows includes a reload bug which prevents the above reload methods from working. Selecting “Reload” from the menu or using the CTRL-R shortcut will cause the PC to produce an audible 'click', but will not reload the preview. Adobe has been notified of this bug, and we await repair.

As a workaround, we provide the following method of reloading your page …

Click the Reload notice

Click the reload notice to reload the page.

In the bottom-right corner of the preview, CE2 engines provide this friendly reminder of how to refresh the preview with changes. Clicking directly on this notice will trigger a page reload using Javascript.

Until Adobe fixes the reload bug, LR/Win users should use this method of reloading their page.