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 +====== Posting Articles ======
 +Posting articles using WordPress is fairly straightforward. In the WordPress Dashboard, choose **Posts** and **Add New**. You will be presented with the screen below, albeit empty and ready for your genius.
 +{{:website-development-plugins:wp-post.jpg?|Add New Post}}
 +Here's a checklist for blogging:
 +  - At the top of the Edit Post area, give your post a title.
 +  - In the text area, write an article. You may include text in a variety of formats, inline images, and even embed image galleries.
 +  - Use the "more" button to create an article break. Any content above the break will appear on the front of the blog with a "more" link to continue reading; any content after the break will be displayed only on the single-post page, after a reader clicks in to read the complete article.
 +  - On the right, assign your article to a category.
 +  - Still on the right, under Post Tags, tag your article with keywords.
 +  - Finally, on the right select a Featured Image for your post.
 +These things done and article published, you will end up with something like this as the featured post on your front page:
 +{{:website-development-plugins:featured-post.jpg?|Featured Post}}