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 +====== PayPal API Credentials ======
 +To enable PayPal support, TTG CE2 Cart requires a set of credentials issued by PayPal to the account holder. Unfortunately, PayPal buries these credentials and makes them difficult to find. Shame on PayPal. Follow these steps to get at your credentials (steps may vary somewhat by regional PayPal service).
 +To gain credentials, you should be registered with PayPal as a 'Business' or 'Premium' account.
 +Under the 'My Account' tab, click on 'Profile'.
 +On the left side of the next screen, click on 'My selling tools'.
 +Several line items will be displayed. Locate the line 'API Access' and click on 'Update'.
 +You will be given two options; go with 'Option 2' to request or access your API credentials. Using the information provided here, you should be able to go live with PayPal support in your cart.