Password Protection in CE2

Password protection features and implementation have been revised in CE2 to include several important improvements.

  1. TTG CE2 Auto Index now supports password protected indexes.
  2. Mobile galleries may now be password protected.
  3. Password protected galleries are setup with two logins, Master and Guest.

In engines supporting password protection, these options are located in the Output Settings control pane. Engines supporting these features include TTG CE2 Auto Index and image gallery plug-ins such as TTG CE2 Photoswipe Gallery and CE2 TTG Horizon, etc.

Password protection is not supported in TTG CE2 Pages, TTG CE2 Theme for WordPress or TTG CE2 Cart, as the feature would be pointless in such contexts.

To enable password protection, tick the Protect Gallery checkbox, pictured below.

Protect Gallery

Provide login credentials – a username and password – for both Master and Guest users.

Master level access is granted to users logging in with the Master username and password. Master level access is intended for the use of site administrators and should not be shared with guest or client visitors. Separate galleries may be assigned different master level credentials, however, once master level access is granted, all galleries will be unlocked regardless of the master username/password combo used.

Guest level access is granted to users logging in with the Guest username and password. Guest level access is intended for the use of visitors; provide the username and password to any client to whom you'd like to grant access to a specific gallery. Galleries support only one set of guest credentials which should be shared by all users to whom you grant access; i.e. individual user accounts are not supported.

When accessing a protected page, both the block and the grid will be hidden by the login. The masthead, navigation and footer will be displayed on the login page, allowing the user to navigate away from the gallery if they are unable to login.

Both master and guest level users may be logged out by revisiting the gallery URL with ?logout appended to the address. You may create logout hyperlinks, e.g. ./?logout. An appropriate location for a logout link may be within the block; the navigation would be inappropriate, as navigation is displayed on the login page, prior to accessing the gallery – one cannot very well logout when they have not yet logged in! The same applies to the footer.

Finally, password protected galleries will be displayed in the gallery index with a padlock icon, as pictured below, indicating that the gallery is locked. Note that the index will continue to observe standard behavior for thumbnail selection even for protected galleries; if thumbnails are of a sensitive nature, you may wish to exert some control over thumbnails displayed in the index. See the auto index documentation for more information on assigning an Album Thumbnail.

A password protected gallery listed in the gallery index.