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Output Creations

An Output Creation is a special type of Collection that is specific to the module in which it is created. It stores not only your images, as any other Collection, but also your output settings for that module.

Output Creations are an excellent way to organze your website from within the Web module. Let’s take a closer look at a web-publishing workflow that incorporates Output Creations.

Create a Collection Set

As a first step, in the Collections panel, press the plus icon (+) and create a new Collection Set. Name this set “My Website”, or give it some other appropriate name.

Create Collection Set.

Name the set.

Create an Output Creation

Before creating our first Output Creation, we must select a web engine. When building a complete website using TTG plug-ins, TTG Pages CE2 is the best place to begin. For this example, TTG Pages CE2 will be used for my first Output Creation. At this point, we do not have any images selected.

In the Collections panel, press the plus icon (+) and select Create Web Gallery:

Create Web Gallery.

Give your output creation a descriptive name. Because this output creation will be used for my pages, using TTG Pages CE2, I have named it “CE2 Pages”. You will now have an empty output creation; note the 0 (zero) for image count:

Our new Output Creation.