Known Bugs in Lightroom Affecting CE2 Engines

Lightroom is great, but Lightroom is not perfect. There are several known bugs in Lightroom's Web module which affect the performance of CE2 engines. These bugs have been reported to Adobe, and we are simply waiting for their repair. I have provided workaround techniques wherever possible.

Reload fails in LR/Win

The Reload command fails in Lightroom for Windows; this bug does not exist in Lightroom for Mac.

The Reload command may be accessed via the Web menu, or using the shortcut CTRL-R. LR/Win users initiating a reload by either method will hear their PC produce an audible 'click', but the Web module preview does not reload.

As a workaround, LR/Win users may click the reload notice displayed in the lower right corner of the preview area. Doing so initiates reload by sending a Javascript command directly to the embedded browser.

Bug verified to exist in Lightroom 3.4.1.

supportsLiveUpdate=true "sticks" when changing web engines

Every web engine contains the command supportsLiveUpdate, which accepts values of true or false.

When changing from a web engine supporting live update (supportsLiveUpdate=true) to any CE2 web engine (supportsLiveUpdate=false), Lightroom will treat the CE2 engine as if live update were supported. This results in the preview reloading after every change in configuration. This behavior severely hinders the design process by forcing the user to wait on page reloads following every configuration change.

As a workaround, select the CE2 engine you wish to use from the Layout Style list, quit and restart Lightroom. When the CE2 engine is the first engine selected following a restart, Lightroom will honor the supportsLiveUpdate=false command. You may safely switch between engines with supportsLiveUpdate=false, so there is no problem switching between CE2 web engines. However, should you select any engine with supportsLiveUpdate=true a restart will be required to reestablish proper behavior when returning to CE2 engines.

Bug verified to exist in Lightroom 3.4.1.

Custom configuration settings revert to default state when restarting Lightroom

Having dialed in custom configuration settings for a web engine, then having quit and restarted Lightroom, you may find that though the preview reflects your custom configuration, the settings in the control panes will have reverted to their default values. This is a UI bug in the Web module.

The workaround is to select:

  • any CE2 template from the Template Browser, or
  • any CE2 web engine from the Layout Style list

– then Undo the change by pressing CMD-Z on Mac, or CTRL-Z on Windows. When you are returned to the previous web engine, you will find that your configuration settings are now properly reflected in the control panes.

It is important to select either a CE2 template or CE2 web engine, lest you trigger the supportsLiveUpdate bug described above.

Bug verified to exist in Lightroom 3.4.1.

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