Step 1: Installing WordPress

The first step in setting up your blog is to install WordPress. We recommend installing WordPress into a sub-folder of your domain, for example Within the context of a TTG site, there are several reasons your blog should reside in a sub-folder, rather than within the root of the site:

  • Keeping your blog in a sub-folder – /blog/ – isolates your WordPress installation from the other files and folders comprising your site, making it easy to separate your blog from your galleries and other pages, and to maintain the various components of your website.
  • You are a photographer with a blog, not a blogger with some photo galleries. The emphasis of your site should be your images, and your blog should support your images and the business of making those images. To this end, we do not want our site's front page to be the blog; we want it to be photography: an image, a slideshow, a horizontal-scroll gallery or an introduction to our photography business.

That understood, you have options. You may create the /blog/ folder, download and install WordPress on your own from, or – if your host offers it – you may have the host install WordPress for you. If you are using The Turning Gate's preferred host, Bluehost, automatic WordPress installation is supported and may be initiated from within your hosting control panel.

If installing WordPress manually, you will find links to the necessary installation and setup instructions on the download page. Begin at

With WordPress installed, you should be able to access your new blog at:

Note: You may run your WordPress blog from the root of your domain – – if you so desire, but documentation will assume you are installing into a /blog/ directory, as above.