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the Home page slideshow

The Home page offers several exclusive options for greeting visitors with your best work. These options are the Galleria slideshow, Horizon horizontal-scroll gallery and Photoswipe slideshow.

Each of these choices will look to your filmstrip for images, pulling any images unused by your pages for display. By default, your filmstrip's seventh image and every image thereafter will appear within your Home page image gallery.

To configure your gallery, go to the Appearance control panel and locate the Home Page: Media Area / 'The Grid' control group; specify a Canvas Layout that includes The Grid. Next, jump further down to the Home Page: Staging control group. Set Media Presentation as HTML Media, then select your desired gallery type from the HTML Presentations drop-list. A set of options will appear specific to your choice allowing you to configure the gallery.

the Galleria slideshow

A good choice for small slideshows; slideshows containing too many image or images with overlarge file sizes will cause the Javascript to time out and the gallery to return errors.

The Galleria Slideshow is fully compatible with modern mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets. Double-tapping the slideshow on these devices will send the slideshow into full-screen display mode, complete with gesture-based navigation. A second double-tap will return the slideshow to standard page view. Thumbnails are optional.

the Horizon gallery

A horizontal-scrolling gallery, the Horizon gallery is a good choice for those using TTG CE2 Horizon for their image galleries elsewhere on the site, as it will provide a greeting presentation consistent with your other galleries. The gallery can handle any number of images, but loads all images into the page at once, so keeping the gallery to small set of images will help to maintain a manageable load time for your Home page. I recommend keeping your image count to less than 20-25 images of reasonable file size for web, though you can load more if you absolutely cannot cull your image collect to such numbers. Just keep in mind you can show off as much of your work as you like elsewhere on the site; the Home page gallery is only meant to greet visitors with a representative collection of your best images.

When setting up the Horizon gallery, you will probably want to venture back into the Color Palette control pane to override the block layout for the Home page, allowing you to style the Home page's content separately from pages on the rest of the site. In the Home Page: Media Area / 'The Grid' control group, don't forget to set both Container Width and Content Width to 'auto'.

On mobile phones, the Horizon gallery will display images in a vertical format.

the Photoswipe slideshow

A good choice for larger slideshows, as images will load dynamically as needed. Playback works nicely on mobile phones, though Photoswipe lacks Galleria's double-tap to full-screen feature.

Does not work in IE7. This is not a problem for me – to hell with bad, old browsers – but some users may understandably take issue with this. If the lack of IE7 support is a problem, use the Galleria or Horizon options.