Facebook Open Graph Protocol

When a link is shared on Facebook, you expect that a title, description and thumbnail will appear to represent the page, as shown below. Where Facebook gets that information is from Open Graph Protocol data embedded in the page.

Facebook Post

Enabling Open Graph Protocol is the first and most important step in enabling your pages and galleries for Facebook compatibility, allowing your clients and visitors to Share and Like your content on Facebook. In Core Elements 2, enabling Open Graph Protocol is easy.

In the Site Info control pane, under the Page Setup control group, you will find the following options:

Enable Facebook's Open Graph Protocol

To enable Open Graph Protocol support, you will need to enter your Facebook ID (fb:admins) into the field shown above. To find your ID, go here. Copy and paste your ID into Lightroom; the Core Elements 2 Open Graph Protocol features will be enabled automatically when your ID is filled in.

You may also set your locale (og:locale).

The remainder of the necessary information will be drawn from elsewhere in Lightroom's controls, as follows.

The Title (og:title) and Site Name (og:site_name) will be sourced from your Page Title, set in the Site Info control pane:

Page Title

The Description (og:description) will be sourced from Meta: Description, set in the Site Info control pane:

Meta: Description

Page URL (og:url), Image (og:image) and the link rel="image_src" image will be set automatically via PHP script. Note that enabling the Open Graph Protocol will cause your pages to be exported as PHP files. By default, the first image in your filmstrip / the image (optionally) displayed in The Block will be used by the Open Graph Protocol. You may change this image from within the Color Palette control pane, when editing options for The Block:

Get Image ID

Testing your Open Graph Protocol implementation

Facebook's Open Graph Protocol debugger may be used to review your implementation of the Open Graph Protocol. The debugger may be accessed at http://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug.