Configuring Your WordPress Installation

Before you can begin posting to your new blog, there are a few matters of housekeeping that should be addressed.

Rummage Through Your Settings

With a new blog on your hands, the temptation is to begin blogging immediately. Before you do so, however, it pays to rummage through your WordPress settings. In the WordPress dashboard, look to the left and locate the Settings menu. Plunge through each of the sections therein, making changes as you go. Mostly you may setup your blog according to your own preference, though we do have recommendations below for users of TTG CE2 Theme for WordPress.

Image Sizes

From the main WordPress menu, select “Settings” and “Media”. Here you may set Image Sizes for the blog – Thumbnail Size, Medium Size and Large Size. It's the Large size which is important to us. Back in Lightroom's preview, there were measurements displayed on the Home page images. Get the number from the second post image (pictured below) – not the featured image – and set that as your Large width.

Post images

Large image size.

For height, set any value you feel is reasonable.

Do take note of the size of the featured post image, though. When uploading images to your blog to be used in articles, you will want to upload images of an equal or greater width to the number appearing here.