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 +====== TTG CE2 Cart Diagnostics ======
 +To assist in setting up and troubleshooting your cart, the cart includes an admin area accessible from ''%%http://yourdomain.com/cart/admin/%%''. The default login credentials are username "admin" and password "access"; you may change the login in cart options during setup.
 +The diagnostics will run a series of checks on your cart and return warnings or errors for anything it finds not properly configured. We recommend running diagnostics on your cart before running it live on your site, just to ensure everything is in order. Also, when troubleshooting or seeking support on the forum, running diagnostics should be your first step.
 +We will very likely ask for access to your diagnostics panel when troubleshooting your cart. Note that the admin page does not reveal confidential information and is largely intended to help us help you.