Auto Index Verification

The verification script tests your web server to verify it is capable of running TTG CE2 Auto Index or TTG CE2 Pages gallery index.

The auto index should be run on systems meeting the following requirements:

  • Linux OS
  • Apache server
  • PHP 5.2.6 or greater

While we are confident the script will run on most web servers meeting these requirements, you may wish to verify compatibility with your server before making a purchase.

If you have already purchased and published TTG CE2 Auto Index or TTG CE2 Pages to your site, you may access the verification script at [ INDEX ]/resources/autoindex/verify.php, where [ INDEX ] is the address of your published content. For example, in the case of TTG CE2 Pages installed to your domain, you may access the script at

If you have not purchased or published TTG CE2 Auto Index or TTG CE2 Pages, you may download the verification script below.

Download Auto Index verification script.

To use the downloaded script, simply unzip the package and upload the file to your web server. Target the ttg-autoindex-ce-verify.php file using a web browser:

The script will run a series of verification checks against your server and will notify you whether it Passes or Fails each test. If your server receives a clean bill of health, you may purchase TTG CE2 Auto Index and/or TTG CE2 Pages with confidence.

Should your server fail verification, please post to our support forum to let us know. We may be able to update our script to work with your server, or to offer advice to get you up and running with the auto index.

Advanced Options

The verification script supports a few advanced debugging options which may be invoked by appending the following triggers to the script address:

?phpver=x.y.z forces the PHP server version/release/level values – try ?phpver=6.0.2 or ?phpver=4.2.1

?domain=level3.level2.level1 causes this to be used as the servers domain name – useful for verifying subdomain tests – try ?

?osname=windows or ?osname=linux – overrides the host OS setting – if the OS host is Win* it issues a warning about blanks in filepaths and filenames.