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Welcome to The Turning Gate's wiki, a repository of information on the use of TTG plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

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The Core Elements 2 Framework

Website Development Plug-ins

Website development plug-ins are used not to create image galleries, but to create the overarching framework in which your galleries will reside. This includes site pages, indexes for organizing your individual image galleries, and even your blog. If you're building a new site from scratch, these plug-ins should form your foundation, and this is where you should begin.

TTG CE2 Pages

TTG CE2 Auto Index

TTG CE2 Theme for WordPress

TTG CE2 Publisher

E-Commerce Plug-ins

There are plenty of options for selling images online, but precious few that allow you to do so from the comfort of your own website. TTG provides two separate e-commerce options which allow images to be sold directly from your website. TTG CE2 Cart is our proprietary system and an excellent choice for photographers wanting to handle their own sales. Several TTG galleries also support Fotomoto integration, an excellent service that allows photographers to sell images from their own site, while outsourcing printing and delivery services to These options represent two very different approaches to e-commerce – TTG CE2 Cart is very hands-on, while Fotomoto is mostly hands-off – so choose the option that's the right fit for you.

TTG CE2 Cart

Fotomoto Integration

HTML Image Galleries

HTML is the is the Internet's native language. You may not speak it or may speak only a little, but The Turning Gate stands ready to be your fluent translator. Great design, mobile compatibility and e-commerce options are just the tip of the iceberg. The Turning Gate's HTML galleries are elegant and modern, flexible and brimming with powerful features.

TTG CE2 Client Response Gallery

TTG CE2 Highslide Gallery

TTG CE2 Horizon

TTG HTML Gallery

TTG Panic Gallery

TTG CE2 Photoswipe Gallery

TTG CE2 Stage

Flash Image Galleries

The popularity of Flash-based components has waned in recent years following Apple's campaign against Flash and its staunch refusal to support the scripting language on iOS devices. Nonetheless, Flash remains a viable option for photographers wanting to display their images with panache, thanks in part to The Turning Gate's Universal mobile gallery.

While The Turning Gate does not create original Flash image galleries, we have adapted several popular Flash galleries from other vendors for use with Lightroom.

TTG AutoViewer

TTG FlashNifties

TTG MonoSlideshow

TTG PostcardViewer

TTG SimpleViewer

PHPlugins (a.k.a. PHP Hooks)

PHPlugins offer advanced extensibility features for CE2 web engines. Using PHPlugins, it is possible to effect global changes across all pages and galleries, add new features, and make almost any kind of customization in a dynamic way that will be applied to existing and new content as it is added to your site.


In addition to our standard plug-ins, The Turning Gate offers a handful of useful tools and scripts in an effort to create an improved experience using TTG plug-ins and Lightroom.

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